New Book: Discover the Secret Lies about the Successful Danish Robot Cluster

Reviews & Testimonials

Esben Hallundbæk Østergaard, co-founder of Universal Robots, one of the driving forces of the robot cluster and now an independent robot investor and adviser in REInvest Robotics, expresses his opinion of the book:


Wow! So much information in one place! And with exquisite illustrations and a great layout. I am very impressed by the efforts that have gone into this book – both robot efforts and writing efforts :-)


Tom Togsverd, Ph.D., chairman of RoboCluster & former DG of the Danish ICT and Electronics Association:


“Denmark, a Powerhouse for Robotics and Automation” by Carsten Steno and Malene Grouleff is a must for all tech-enthusiasts. It not only tells you the fairytale on how that new industry has created jobs and value within few years; it also gives you a seldom and comprehensive insight in the Danish  robotics ecosystem. The book is probably the best gift you might give any businessman or -woman with interest in robotics and new tech, and particularly those who might come in touch with the Danish robotics industry.


Mikael Bay Hansen, Head of Department, The Chairmans Office, Dansk Metal (Danish Metal Workers Union):  


I read the book, ”Denmark, a powerhouse for Robotics and Automation”, written by the two journalists Carsten Steno and Malene Grouleff. The book provides great insights into the Danish robotics industry.

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