About us

 Carsten Steno, born in 1951, is one of Denmark's most experienced business journalists. In the 1970s, he was a business journalist at the Ritzaus Bureau. In the 1980s, he was a correspondent in New York and later was the editorial director at Dagbladet Børsen. Next, he worked as a business editor at Berlingske Tidende. From 2001 to 2008, he was editor-in-chief at ErhvervsBladet. From 2009 to 2015, he was a senior journalist at Berlingske. Since then he has worked as an author and freelance business journalist.

He has previously written the following books:

The real heroes - a portrait of the owner-manager culture, Gyldendal 2011

Made in Denmark - is it still possible?, CEPOS 2013

A cluster that works - Universal Robots and the Danish robot environment, 1986 to 2016

Where the market hesitates - The Growth Fund 1992-2017


CMalene Grouleff, born in 1973, has worked for more than a decade sharing her knowledge of automation and robotics. In2004, she founded a specialized media company with the Danish robotics industry quickly becoming the focal point. Among other things, she put the concept of the cobots - collaborative robots - on the agenda in Danish and global industries. Prior to founding her specialized communications business, Malene Grouleff was employed as an editor and journalist in the Danish media industry, e.g. at the Danish public broadcaster, DR, and at Computerworld, as well as serving as an associate professor at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, DMJX. Malene is also a sought-after speaker in Scandinavia on Denmark as a robotics nation.

She has previously contributed to the following books:

Almost Happy in Nerdland by Dorte Toft

Become Visible in the Media: This Is How You Tell Good Stories by Julie Lindegaard.