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In less than ten years, a Danish cluster of automation and robotics companies has captured a strong global position. How did a small nation with only six million citizens manage such a feat? This new book reveals where the secret lies: Denmark, a Powerhouse of Robotics and Automation by Carsten Steno and Malene Grouleff.

Why this book and how to use it

  • Read it and get first-hand insight into the robot powerhouse of Denmark – and the story behind the success
  • Use it as a present to business relations and cooperative partners to show them the rapid development you are part of
  • Make the book an integral part of the curriculum of your high school, university etc. to ensure that upcoming generations know all about the robotic future of Denmark
  • Give a copy of the book to national and international journalists and editors to ensure that they have the necessary background knowledge to provide relevant news coverage
  • Bring it to trade fairs and events – and use it as the prize of games and quizzes at your stand

How to get your hands on the book

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Volume Discount: Printed book (English or Danish): Order major parcels of the printed book and get substantial discounts.
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  • +500 copies: unit price DKK 125 = DKK 62,500 (ex VAT)